1 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer

1 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer
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1G42-16-12-PD1599669777_1.jpg | 1 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer 1G42-16-12-PD1599669777_2.jpg | 1 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer 1G42-16-12-PD1599669778_3.jpg | 1 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer All of our trailers have a 4 prong trailer light connection 2 inch coupler
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Model: 1G42-16-12-PD

Base Price: $2,322.00

Trailer Description:

The single watercraft trailer is the perfect solution for transporting your boat with ease. The 6-foot carpeted bunks and plywood deck provide stability and protection for your watercraft. The bow winch and 4-inch keel roller make loading and unloading a breeze.

This trailer also comes with a trailer jack, making it easy to move the trailer around when not attached to your tow vehicle.

For added peace of mind, consider adding a spare tire to this build. This will ensure that you're ready for any situation on the road. Also adding LED lights to the trailer is a great upgrade as it will increase visibility while you are on the road. These options will provide a safer and more enjoyable boating experience. Upgrade your watercraft adventures today with this single watercraft trailer!

*Due to the current market Pricing and Specifications may change depending on availability.

Base Trailer Specifications

  • Trailer Length: 14'1"
  • Trailer Width (Outside Fenders): 58"
  • Lights: Incandescent
  • Suspension: Leaf Spring
  • Tires: 4.80x12B
  • Approximate Weight: 234 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity: 816 lbs.
  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • Galvanized Finish
  • 2" Ball Coupler with locking pin and chains
  • 4 Prong Flat Electrical Connector

Don't forget to visit our Design Assistant page to let us know what you are looking for and ways to customize your trailer for your needs!